Club Repair

We provide full service club fitting and club repair.  We can analyze your swing and help determine the best adjustments for your golf equipment, to help you play better golf.  All services are done on site and most repairs are completed within 24 hours.  The following services are available:

  • Club Fitting
  • Shaft Adjustment (cutting or extension)
  • Re-shafting (extraction and installation)
  • Re-gripping (remove old grip, install new grip)
  • Loft and Lie adjustment (will affect height and curvature)
  • Shaft Frequency Analysis (how consistent are your shaft flexes)

Golf clubs should be fit to the person.  Factors such as the person’s height, arm length, and hand size should all be fit to the golfer.

Grips should be replaced annually, as many times as you play in a week.  If you play 2x/week, your grips should be replace 2x/year.