Par Level 1 Certification Requirements

A participant can become Par Level 1 Certified within The First Tee of Tennessee in Memphis by completing the following:

Within The First Tee of Tennessee Memphis Par Level 1 Group Golf Lessons, participants must complete ALL of the criteria below in order to become Par Level 1 Certified.  It may take multiple sessions to complete all sections.

Certification Requirements
Life Skills Knowledge and Application Participants must exhibit and demonstrate the following life skills:
• Welcome and Showing Respect • Modeling Sportsmanship • Living with Integrity
• Courtesy Towards Others • Developing Confidence • Healthy Habit-Energy
• Responsibility for the Course • Using Good Judgment • Healthy Habit-Play
• The Honesty of Players • Playing with Perseverance • Healthy Habit-Safety
Written Test Must complete written assessment with a score of 80%
Playing Requirement  Complete 10 9-hole rounds of golf in a TGF or The First Tee of Tennessee in Memphis event or practice Scoring 68 or less for 9-holes