Memphis Programming

First Tee – Tennessee in Memphis is located at multiple courses throughout Memphis and the Memphis metropolitan area. Each location offers different levels of programming based on experience and age. Levels are broken up into TARGET, PLAYer, PLAYer Certified, Par, High School, and Birdie (Golf Squad). Target level are for participants ages 4 & 5 years old new to First Tee. PLAYer participants are ages 6-9 years old new to First Tee curriculum. PLAYer Certified are 10-12 year old participants with little to no experience with First Tee and Golf. Participants must certify through a playing and written test enter the Par Level and be a minimum age 10 (based on coach’s recommendation). High School level are only for participants entering High School in the Fall. To achieve Birdie Level participants must certify out of Par and be a minimum age of 12 years old (based on coach’s recommendation).

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